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Case Study

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£0 - £45k Revenue In 5 Months

Platforms Used

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Ad Spend


Return on
Ad Spend


  • To increase social profile exposure

  • Get more patient enquiries

  • Increase income through treatment sign-ups

Services Used


  • Increased profile exposure from <1k per month to over 20k monthly page reach

  • Generated over 330 new leads in just 5  months

  • Generated over £45,000 in treatment sign ups

The Journey

The client approached us having struggled with his social media over the past few years. From just not having the time, to trying various marketing agencies to help them improve their social media presence and increase their exposure to new patients.


We under took an initial assessment of their profiles and quickly established areas for improvement and changes that should be made before getting to work creating a bespoke strategy that suited their objectives.

Case Study Results

Planned to Perfection

We deep dived into their strategy plan and built a social media strategy that included organic posting and paid advertising, working together to achieve the same collective goal. We ensured that it was in line with their core values as a business and created posts and ads that engaged and resonated with their target audience to be able to generate as much response as possible.


One of the first tasks we completed was to install and set up the Pixel on their website as this was a key part of the strategy we created. This opened up so many possibilities for us to track our results and ad performance and made sure we optimised ad spend at all times.


Part of the service we provided was to create the images and videos that were to be used for the paid ad campaigns. We created images bespoke to each campaign, ensuring that they were to the highest quality and kept their brands core values in mind, whilst conveying the desired message to achieve the outcome we were looking for.


At the beginning of our clients  journey they had no previous experience running ad campaigns and were not set up correctly to do so. We spent time working with them to optimise their pages and set them up currently to begin running ads successfully further into the relationship. Our client was very impressed with the results achieved in such a short period of time and the continuous  delivery of results throughout the agreement.

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