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5 Common Misconceptions of Social Media from Business Owners

Social media is becoming more widely accepted every day, but many businesses are hesitant to get involved with it.

In this three-part series, we are going to explore why businesses are scared of using social media and why they should embrace it. Followed by outlining some hints and tips that small businesses can use to effectively market themselves on social media.

A General Lack of Understanding

It is sometimes difficult for business owners to understand how social media can be used as an effective marketing platform. The majority of businesses are very traditional in their ways of operating and often overlook the significance of social media in today's world.

A popular misconception is that social media is strictly for personal use, this is not true at all. A lot of businesses can take advantage of social media in many different ways.

Scared of Losing Control

A lot of businesses are scared of losing control of their brand image if they start using social media because of the exposure and vulnerability it brings with it. But in reality it is the opposite. A business that is active on social media is often more trusted than a business that isn’t. Social media can validate you as 'real' and ‘trustworthy’.

Lack of Time and Personnel

How often do we hear “I don't have the time for that” or some even the patience… for the reasons we have just described above, many businesses de-prioritise social media without even knowing the benefits it can bring. The solution? Hire a dedicated media & communications manager who manages your social media on a daily basis. Some businesses even choose to outsource this to make sure it is fully looked after and given the attention it deserves.

Belief That it’s Just a Fad

Many businesses, particularly those with very traditional ways of working believe that social media is just a passing fad that will go by eventually, and are naive to the fact that in one form or another, social media is here to stay, Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or the next new app to come along. It’s not going away anytime soon.

Belief that “it doesn't work”

A lot of businesses are of the belief that it just doesn't work. The feedback we get is “we’ve tried it before, it doesn't work” or its “not worth it”. In some aspects they maybe right. Because if you try to create an ad without any sort of strategy or marketing plan to back it up, it won’t work, and will be a waste of time. But done right, and with a substantial marketing and remarketing strategy, backed up with a constant supply of high quality content, it can be incredibly successful.

Stay tuned for the next post to find out why businesses should stop ignoring social media and start taking notice!

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