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6 Easy Ways to Create the Perfect Content!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

When it comes to social media, content is KING. It always will be, if you are not posting regular content then your business will simply not get seen online. Here is a quick guide to creating that perfect content to make your page stand out online

Tailor Your Social Media Posts to Suit Each Network

Every social network is tailored to cater for a different audience base, for example LinkedIn is tailored to the more professional user and businesses, whereas Facebook and Instagram cater for both the everyday social user and businesses.

That's why you should tailor your social posts to the platform that you are intending to target. Make sure each post has the correct number of characters that suit your platform, like Twitter, which only allows 280 characters per tweet. Make sure the image sizes fit correctly and use the correct language that suits each platform.

Only Share Relevant Content

Why does your audience follow you? They must follow you because they are interested in seeing the content you post, so make sure you post good quality content that is relevant to your audience on each respective platform. Over time you will find out which content performs best on which platform, allowing you to capitalise on this on future content.

Share memorable content that will make your audience think of you, share useful tips or advice in your respective industry. Free value is always very well received.

Create Visually Appealing Posts.

Create multiple visuals for your different content ideas. Visual content performs very well on social media, especially Instagram, and platforms are now known to prefer more video and visual based content rather than generic text, which means videos and images will perform better and bring in your audience.

There are multiple tools out there to help you create that perfect piece of content. Websites like Pexels or Pixabay are useful for free stock images, and with programmes like Canva and Invideo you can create the most professional looking graphics with ease, even if you have zero editing skills! There are many more content creation tools out there,so shop around to find the tool that suits you best.


What you write underneath your posts is also very important, make sure it is following your brand image and is relevant to the image you're posting. Using Hashtags in your captions can be invaluable when it comes to getting your content out there in front of your audience. Make sure each hashtag is relevant though!

Struggling to find relevant hashtags? Tools like Hashtagify and Tag-Def are really useful in finding those niche hashtags.


Emojis have become incredibly popular in the last decade, more posts than ever are using emojis. They add that little bit extra visual element to your post. Most devices have an emoji keyboard these days but GetEmojis can help you find exactly what you're looking for, not sure which emoji you need? Search on Emojipedia for that perfect emoji to support your post, but it’s important to not go over the top! Don’t over use them or use irrelevant Emojis because it can put people off your content!

And Most Importantly...

Most importantly of all, Make sure your content is good quality! Blurry photos or bad quality videos don’t do anything to help your professional brand image and will receive less engagement overall.

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