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7 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes You Need to Know!

Following on from the last post discussing how and why businesses should take advantage of Google Ads, today we’re going to go through the most common mistakes with Google Ads and how to avoid them!

Poor Keyword Research

This is probably one of the most common mistakes when it comes to Google Ads. It’s not as easy as entering a few keywords that you would use to search for your website. You need to think outside the box. Think what search terms your perspective customers are using to find your website. Make a list of all these keywords.

A good tool to use to find keywords that people have actually used to search for your website is Google Search Console. This will provide you with a full list of positive keywords for you to use.

You also need to take into consideration what “keyword match” type you select. This allows you to select how much of a match each search term is to your keyword. It's best here to select “exact match” rather than “broad match”, this will help avoid receiving irrelevant traffic and wasting your ad budget on irrelevant leads.

Not Using Negative Keywords

Using the same keyword search tool like Google Search console you can find keywords that have been used to search for your site that are not related to your ad at all, there can be quite a few of these. So to optimise your ad even further, you need to include a list of negative keywords that when searched, you do not want your ads to show. This helps save money and further optimise your cost per results. Again it is good practice to keep revisiting and adding to this list to make sure your ads are always optimised

Not Using Experiments

Experiments is another very important aspect of google ads optimisation, it allows you to create split tests to find better variables of your ads. You can test different headlines, ad copies, web links, keywords, keyword match types, any editable value of your ads that allow you to test against another. You can even limit the amount of traffic that gets sent to each ad test to allow at least one constant variable to measure against. This can be especially useful when you have a limited budget and want to make sure your money is being spent on the best possible performing ads.

Search Network and Display Network

When setting up your campaign you have the option to select search network or display network, this allows you to choose where your ad is shown. Search network, search network will show your ad to people who are actively searching for your products or keywords. Whereas display network will display your ads on Google ad spaces on relevant websites, but the people who see your ad may not be interested, so choosing display network is in our opinion a large waste of money, since you won’t get relevant traffic that actually converts into sales.

Using Only One Ad Variation

It is important to create multiple ad variations, even if they have the same goal and the headline is the same. A different description might perform better than another. Testing different creatives is an essential strategy to any business that wants to maximise their return on investment.

Once you've found the best performing ad between all the different creatives. You can turn off the least performing ads and prepare to scale the winning ad with the budget you would have spent on the least performing ads.

Not Adding Extensions

You can add additional information to your ad like additional links to your sites other pages or call out extensions showing key bits of information on your website. Extensions can come in various forms and vary depending on the website. But these can be very profitable because it allows you to display additional information that customers wouldn't normally see. Saving time for prospective customers when they are trying to search for bespoke information.

Not Optimising For Conversions

Not optimising your ads for conversion is by far the most costly mistake, but this means once it’s rectified, it can be the most profitable optimisation yet. A conversion is where the customer's sales journey has been completed, this could be anything from purchasing your products, filling in a lead generation form, making that phone call, to downloading your app.

You need to create as many conversion events as possible in your ads, make sure you include all the possible conversions that are associated with your site so each ad is built in such a way to achieve the conversion goal. This is the most powerful way to multiply your return on investment! .

Once you have rectified the above mistakes your Google Ads will be fully optimised. Happy advertising!

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