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Boosted Posts vs Paid Ads - Which is More Effective?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

There are two different ways to advertise across Facebook and its various platforms, these are through boosted posts and paid ads. On the face of it, they appear the same, but they really are VERY different.

At this point, if you are reading this, you should know that Facebook ads should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. If not, then listen up.

There are nearly 3 billion users across Facebook and all its platforms. Which include Instagram,WhatsApp and Messenger. That's nearly HALF of the world's population.

So why wouldn’t you want to invest in social media ads? Especially when you can potentially reach that many people. But the question is, how do you do it?

Well there are two ways, boosted posts, and fully fledged Facebook Ad campaigns.

Boosted posts, literally are what they say, they are general posts on Facebook that you can boost to reach more people, you can set an end goal and a budget, and Facebook will do the rest of the heavy lifting, by intelligently choosing the audience your post is shown to. Whilst Facebook's algorithm is generally quite good at picking the right targeted audience, the customisation options are very limited using this method.

Paid Ads, are a type of sponsored post that is custom made directly from Facebooks dedicated Ads Manager platform. They are fully customisable by way of what ad copy you use, choosing what type of media to use, selecting customisable or lookalike audiences and setting your budget and how it is spent. You can create multiple ads under the same campaign, each with different creatives and facebook will optimise your campaign by using its intelligent algorithm to choose where to place your ads and how much to spend on each one.

As well as the extensive customisation, you also have access to a host of performance metrics showing how well (or not well!) your ads are performing. Allowing you to make informed decisions on tweaking your ads and knowing where to increase the budget on the well performing ads.

Both of these methods still appear on users timelines as “sponsored posts” so the end user cannot tell any difference between a Boosted Post or Facebook Paid Ad.

But Which is More Effective?

This is where it really depends on what your marketing goals are, because what your end goals are, will determine which method you use. We hear people say that they advertise on Facebook all the time, “we boost our posts, it didn't really work”.

Boosting posts is NOT “advertising”!

If you are using Facebook as a platform to sell your services and market your products, then obviously, Facebook paid ads are the way to go, purely because of the customisation and metrics. However, if you are using Facebook to just post the odd update about your company and just want a temporary boost of your page’s exposure, then a boosted post is the way to go.

In a nutshell, boosted posts are a waste of money, and here's why…

Because boosted posts are known to not get as much return on investment as a fully fledged ad, because often there is more budget being spent on full paid ads, and boosted posts can get drowned out far too easily, which means not many users will see your posts.

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