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Facebook Ad Trends in 2023: What To Look Out For?

The world of social media is constantly changing, and keeping up with the trends can be challenging at the best of times.

If you want to keep ahead of the curve with Facebook Ads, it is important you keep up to date with what's changed in the world of social media trends. Otherwise you’ll end up being ‘old news!’

Facebook has developed their advertising strategies a lot over the past few years, especially to combat the privacy changes that IOS 14 & beyond brought to the majority of their mobile users. Facebook have been battling to keep one step ahead of Apple ever since, These changes resulted in a lot of ‘back to the drawing board’ changes in many businesses marketing strategies.

With those changes now in the past and most advertisers now having adapted to the new way of working that is required, what trends and changes should you look out for in 2023? And what is Facebook doing to combat the tracking changes?

We have created a handy guide for you summarising what we think are the key trends and strategies to look out for this year.


Watch Out for Facebook Shop

Early 2020 saw the arrival of Facebook Shops. Where pages can add their products or services to their page where users can purchase directly from Facebook or link users to their website.

Facebook are developing this to integrate these with ads, so users can purchase directly from the ads when they see them on their feed. This should have a huge impact on conversion rates and drop off rates, eliminating that step that takes the user off the platform onto the advertisers website.

This is particularly important for e-commerce brands where online sales make up the majority of sales. It will be important to have a polished and optimised Facebook Shop and shopable ad strategies to make the most out of this change..

The TikTok Takeover… To Worry About Or Not?

The TikTok style quick immersive video reels are taking over social media. TikTok has been around for a short time now and is taking the world by storm. The user base has been increasing dramatically year by year. It has become the trendsetter in social media content over the years. But is it worth worrying about?

The short answer here is no. Purely due to the fact that these trends that TikTok create often spill over to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Which in turn bring users to the platforms.

Short form TikTok style direct to camera videos is a hugely popular trend and this style of content is now taking over every social media platform going. So if you want to stay ahead of the curve make sure you adopt this type of content style on your social media channels in 2023.

Video ads, Video Ads and more Video Ads!

The single most important thing to take away from this is Video Ads are still the best when it comes to ad returns. Ever since the birth of TikTok, Facebook has had to be at the top of its game to compete. So Facebook have now introduced Reels to the Facebook platform, as well as Instagram. Meaning they continue to push video content more and more into people's feeds.

AI & Avatar Integration

It’s no secrete now that Meta are working on introducing the “Metaverse” whether you like it or loath it, it will be coming. But the question is when. It is unlikely going to be in 2023 but Meta are feeding in little changes to the Facebook platform slowly and silently preparing users for the introduction of the Metaverse.

Some of these changes are AI (artificial intelligence) and avatars. Facebook will be slowly introducing these approaches to their ad strategies over the next few years. AI is more or less already used in the ad targeting algorithm already, with machine learning software helping your ads improve by learning who your audience is over time.

Keep a look out for these trends in your newsfeeds in the near future!

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