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Get to Know your Customers!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Every business needs customers, otherwise you would not have a business...

Your customers should be at the forefront of every business decision you make. By making those decisions, whether it is choosing your product base or choosing your marketing strategies, it is imperative that you know and understand your customers.

By this, we don't just mean, knowing their name and address and contact details… We mean much more in-depth knowledge about your customers.

Your customers can be your biggest asset to your business, they can help you bring in more business, get more leads, enquiries or phone calls. Getting to know and understanding your customers is the key to getting positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations to increase your sales and bring in more business.

If you fail to understand your customers, your marketing campaigns are more than likely going to fail, no matter what platform you choose to market your business, your ads will fall flat. And you are more than likely going to waste your marketing budget.

When creating your marketing campaigns, it is easy to get carried away with the beautifully edited videos are amazing graphics on your ads, and forget about the most important bit, the content.

Before you start any campaign, you need to establish who your customers are, what interests them, what attracts them to your business, why would they buy from you, what are their needs, what are their pain points, that you could fulfil.

Visualise yourself as your ideal customer, and build a marketing campaigns around how you would like to be targeted, what would persuade you to buy from yourself? Getting inside your customers head is the only way to engage and inspire your customers into buying from you.

Customer service is key. The majority of customers these days look at online reviews and see what previous customers thought about your business. And to provide excellent customer service. It is important to understand your customers needs and desires to ensure they have a good experience with you.

Want to know how to do it? Well we have broken it down just for you!

1. Use Analytics to your Advantage

These days data is everywhere, whether you like it or not, all your movements are being tracked on the Internet. That's the same for your customers. Analyse your customer engagement, establish what continent is consume the most, which topic creates the most discussion, and which product is purchased the most. All of this information can be tracked. Some websites even track it automatically for you, you just have to find it.

2. Just Ask!

If you want to know more about your customers, just create dialogue with them! This can be as easy as communicating with them through social media, or even sending out the feedback form and getting them to review their experience in buying from you. This can provide valuable information on when deciding how to market your business next.

TIP! A great way of creating dialogue and building rapport with your customers, is too reply to comments or direct messages. That way you are speaking directly with your customer.

3. Respond to Reviews!

It doesn't matter if the review is positive or negative, respond to it, show that you are engaging with your customers. This will help other prospective customers in believing that your business is worth purchasing from.

Not only that, but this method can provide you with extremely important feedback from customers who have had both a good and a bad experience with you.

4. Host an Open day or special Event

Whether in person on virtual, create a relaxed, approachable atmosphere, where your customers can view, or try your products or services without much, or any investment from their side. This helps build your brand as a reputable brand, and also provide you with the opportunity to get to know your customers and what exactly they are looking for.

Different ways you can do this are by hosting physical open day in your shop or practice. Or If you operate online only, provide a try before you buy service by offering a free trial on services, or pay nothing for 30 days. This will prompt your customers into giving good or bad reviews.

Remember, without your customers, you have no business!

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