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Grow Your Engagement With These 10 Simple Steps!

Over the past four or five years, organic post engagement has seen a continual decline, Facebook have developed a complex algorithm deciding which users see which posts, As a Social Media Marketer, this is worrying... But there are ways to fight this!

Because of Facebook implementing this algorithm, on average, only 3% of your following see your posts… And when you don’t have thousands of followers, that's not a lot at all.

In this post we will go through some of the free methods and various ways that we have found to be effective in increasing your engagement on your organic posts.

1. Strategic Posting

Make sure you post at times when you know when your audience are most likely to engage and interact with your posts, depending on your type of business this can be at certain times of the day. The most common times of the day for customer engagement being lunchtimes and early evening. Make sure you post regularly and consistently at these peak times and your customers will be more likely to see your post.

2. Live Streaming

Facebook and instagram both have the facility for users to “go live”. This sends a notification to your followers that you are now streaming live video and invites them to watch and interact. These users will now see more of your future posts.

3. Stories

Facebook and Instagram also have the facility to post “stories”, these are bitesize bits of content that lasts 24 hours, usually around 10-15 Seconds long that your followers can interact with. You can share your posts, include links, tag other pages. Stories can be a great way to promote your page.

4. Share Other Pages Related Content

Share the love! If you see another page sharing content that is related to your business or content you post, share it on your page, tag them in the post and maybe they will return the favour! Sharing related content and linking this back to your own content is a great way to promote your page and increase your engagement.

5. Interact with your Existing Customers

Make sure you interact with your followers who like and comment on your posts. This is a great way to be seen as actively engaging with your customers. If a customer leaves a good (or bad!) review, don't let it go unnoticed!

6. Run Competitions or Giveaways

You can run various promotions where you give away a selection of services or products for free if your audience comments, likes, and shares the post. This not only advertises your brand, it gives your audience an incentive to share your posts and tag their friends, resulting in your engagement and your brand awareness being increased! Make sure to feature the winner in your future posts.

7. Post Different Content Across your Different Channels

Different social media channels are suited for different types of content, Facebook prefers video content and allows you to upload more text related content and share links to other posts, whilst Instagram is more suited for visual content like images and videos with less text. If your business operates with other businesses rather than customers then LinkedIn is the most suitable platform for more professional business based content. If you upload a varied amount of content across all platforms you will attract a different audience each time, so it's important to keep the content related to the platform your posting on.

8. Use Hashtags on Posts

An easy and simple way to increase your engagement is to use hashtags on posts (eg, #SocialMedia) and that post will be included amongst other posts with the same hashtag and users who search for that hashtag will see your post.

9. Re-use your top posts

This can be a good opportunity to return to your previous posts over the last 3-12 months. Make a feature out of returning to your most popular posts over the past year and re-cap on the subjects to re-engage with your followers. These were the most popular posts the first time round so they are more than likely going to be a hit with your followers again!

10. Most importantly…

Finally, make sure you are using good quality content, good quality media and most importantly, make sure you use good grammar! Posts with bad quality media and poor grammar are more likely to get marked down and be seen by less users.

Additionally, you can boost posts or run sponsored adverts, these can have various benefits including increasing sales on your products or services, but a bi-product of running sponsored posts is your posts are seen by a lot more users who will engage with your page. Find out more about sponsored posts here!

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