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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads, what are they? You have probably seen a “sponsored” post appear in your newsfeed as you scroll, this is a paid ad that that page has created. They seem simple, but getting them right, can be quite complicated.

Business pages on Facebook have the ability to create paid posts from their page to allow them to reach new people, engage with new customers, and increase their brand awareness across the platform. Its actually quite beneficial for a page to create paid ads, because that shows facebook that you are serious about growing your page and will begin to rank you higher, even on your organic posts.

These ads are shown in various different ways across the platform, the most common being integrated within users' newsfeeds. They can also be shown as a fixed ad, or within Messenger, Whatsapp or Facebook Stories. They can even be shown on instagram at no extra cost! These are entirely customisable and you have the ability to choose where your ad is shown.

There are two different types of ads, users can either “boost” their existing posts to a wider audience, and let Facebook choose who it is seen by, or users can create bespoke ads within Facebook's dedicated Business Manager and Ads Centre, Although both options appear the same on the platforms, the latter is the most effective, as you then have full control over how detailed your ads are, and who can see them.

Creating these ads can be quite time consuming for business owners, but the potential for results is incredible! It definitely shouldn’t be overlooked.

Facebook's Ad Centre is a comprehensive tool that guides you through creating your own ads. Facebook will choose the best optimisation methods to use across their platforms, depending on your ad objectives. These objectives are broken down into three categories: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion campaigns, Each campaign uses a different approach to how your ads are shown, ensuring the best optimisation possible for your campaign objective, whether its page likes, or product purchases.

The next step is to create your audience, this step is key to the success of your ads, the audience targeting needs to be relevant to your ad content, or the engagement rate will be poor. Facebook will give you a guide to what sort of engagement to expect as you go through.

Once you have picked your audience, the next step is to upload some eye-catching media like images or videos, relevant to your ad, and write a short caption, and you're good to go! Just set your daily budget, time period, and once Facebook has approved it, your ad will be live!

If you have set your audience correctly, Facebook will show your ad to the users most likely to engage and interact with your ad, and hopefully bring more visitors to your site or landing page to begin the customer journey and hopefully secure that sale or booking!

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