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Why Businesses Need to Start Embracing Social Media

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

....Or they will end up getting left behind!

Following on from our previous post on the most common misconceptions that businesses have on social media, this post is going to focus on why businesses should be wasting no time and embracing social media and the benefits it can bring to a business.

It’s Not Going Away Anytime Soon

The world of social media is becoming more and more inescapable every day. Just think, how many times have you checked your personal social media accounts today? Probably more than you’d want to admit!

People are always on it, and social media never sleeps, with the constant barrage of notifications. So many brands and companies in everyday life are encouraging everyone to go social and interact with them online. It's time to start working with it instead of fighting against it.

It Puts a ‘Face’ and a ‘Voice’ to your brand

Social Media is like the modern day shop front for a business. It provides the ability to advertise your services whilst being able to communicate with existing and prospective customers.

These days this is invaluable. When prospective customers see your business page active on social media, receiving lots of engagement it provides a feeling of trust and validation that they will be able to use this business and not have a bad experience.

Exposure For Your Website

Social Networks can be a great advocate to any business, if used correctly. Your Social media page and what you post can link to your website bringing in more prospective customers to view more content and explore your business in more detail. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage visitors to enquire about your services or products through your website.

Communication With Your Network & Customers

Having an active online presence with a business profile, especially on sites like LinkedIn can allow you to network with other businesses and build professional relationships through social media.

This also helps validate you as a professional trustworthy business as prospective customers can see that you are actively engaging with other businesses online.

The Ability to Grow Your Brand & Business

The majority of social media platforms offer the ability to advertise your business on their platform. sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in have extremely sophisticated tools that can help you achieve whichever marketing goal you desire. For example, you can create specific campaigns that are suited to brand awareness, and growing your business page, right through to sales conversions, growing your business as a whole.

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